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From now on comonly used and know switches will go down in history thanks to an invention, which is patent protected.

eTouchFX isn't based on radio waves, infrared or electric sensor. The principle differs fundamentally from all well-known laws of
electricity and physics because it detects and filters only the potential of human body.

eTouchFX has its own intelligence, which allows it to recognise and learn the materials underneath which the touch sensor is installed.
Touch sensor construction is lasting and trouble-free and that is why it has lifelong warranty.
Human body creates potential detected by eTouchFX under many types of surfaces,  even through clothes, e.g. gloves or shoes.

Touching with our hand we feel as if we were opening the magic door. One touch is enough to take us into fantasy world which now
can come true. Fanciful and modern touch breaks previuos standarts in our surrounding, it can be installed at home, work and in every
other place that we could possibly imagine, not only we can, but actually we change it into a fantasy hidden in our imagination.

We want to introduce You to a breakthrough technology related with controlling lighting and all electric and electronic devices by touch.

The whole world is heading for intelligent touch thanks to smartphones, tablets or touchscreens, whereas eTouchFX is a quantum leap,
which goes beyond technological boarders of using the nature of human touch in control systems.

Presentation of eTouchFX usage potential: